Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tarot in Christianity

by Celestian

It's interesting to know that many of us who belong to various Christian denominations would be interested in Tarot Reading. Many of my friends who asks for readings are actually people who are very spiritual and devoted to their religions.

This morning I received an email from one of our church members in the US telling me that she is very interested in playing Tarot, but most of the Tarot books she found in the stores are all in divination concepts. What made her interested to ask me is about a series of responses I posted on our church members forum website (not an official church website) regarding Tarot reading. A question was posted inquiring if Tarot is acceptable in our Church. So, I responded that it all depends on how one uses Tarot. I explained further that Tarot is a great counseling tool and it helps and guide the querent to make proper decisions most especially in times of very difficult situations or problems. The principle taught in Tarot is very much the same as the principles taught by all Christian churches.

So, what makes it difficult for Tarot to be accepted in the Christian world? Some reasons could be something about the past history of Tarot when it was mainly used by sorcerers or occultists as a tool for divination. Take for example the story of Aliester Crowley who designed the Thoth Tarot. He was well known in history as a cruel man and a tormentor of animals. He lived a dark life, practiced and have written books on dark magic. We also have the stories of the gypsies who because of their inferior social status in the society used Tarot as one means of earning their livelihood.

All in all, it was not really a pleasant history for Tarot. In fact, if I haven't studied Tarot I would think likewise. So, what makes Tarot interesting to me as a Christian? One quick reason is its arts. Nowadays, there are hundreds of beautifully designed Tarot cards in the market. You can even find some cards specially designed for children (Gummy Bear Tarot), for teenage boys (Dragon Tarot), for teenage girls (Vanessa Tarot), and for the rest of us. There are several Christian themed cards, too. ( So, Tarot is now catering and are designed for all ages and people of all walks of life.

Another good reason why I love Tarot is the principles taught in the readings. It teaches common principles to that what all Christian churches teaches on Sunday schools. It teaches us how to shun evil, to make right choices, to seek for spiritual guidance from our spiritual leaders, to free ourselves from all weakedness in order to find happiness in life. These are just few of the many teachings of Tarot.

In common sense, Tarot is actually a spiritual guide for everyone who needs light to shine their paths in times of darkness and sorrow. It encourages us to reach our goals by living a good life. It gives us a sense of direction. It is what the scriptures are all about. Leading us to that Light where we can find joy and happiness in life.

Tarot for me is like a torch that I am carrying when I am enter a dark tunnel. Everything inside the tunnel is illuminated and touched by its light so I could find my way to reach its very end. It is a faithful friend who teaches me to do what is right.

I would sincerely want to hear from you about your own Christian view on Tarot. Cheers.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sure It Is, Cards Can Tell!

by Celestian

I have been reading cards since I was 16 years old, inspired by my stepmother who was a gifted card reader herself. When I started at that early age, I have never heard the word Tarot not until the early 2000s when it was introduced and popularized in a TV show in the Philippines, where a Tarot Reader reads fortune for local celebrities.

I was trained to read by my stepmother using ordinary playing cards - diamond cards means money, spades indicates trouble or problems ahead, hearts simply means love, and clubs means travel. It was a very simple method, but surprisingly that is when I also discovered that I have a special gift of knowing. I read for my friends and families predicting travels, paper works, love life, studies, jobs, and even coming births. Oftentimes, I only knew I was right when I meet them back again after long years of absence.

Twenty years ago, I read for a friend, predicted that a certain mother would give her family twin baby girls for adoption. I foresaw that she will take one of the twin babies and her sister will most probably adopt the other one, too. I also saw that these twin babies will give their family a good luck.

I met her recently here in Hong Kong and told me to my surprise that all my predictions about the twin babies did really happen! She told me that a few years after my reading, a neighbor did gave birth to twin baby girls but because of poverty, the woman offered her babies to my friend’s family for adoption. My friend agreed to adopt only one of the babies because that is all that she can afford due to her own family’s low financial standing. To her surprise, her sister, who was still single at that time, wanted to adopt the other baby, too! So, in other words, they got the two babies as predicted. After years of raising these two little girls, my friend’s husband was able to work abroad as a seaman, on the other hand, she found a job in Hong Kong and was able to raise their children to college. She became successful and is now contended with her life. So, what happens to her sister who adopted the other baby? After a few years, she married a rich young man, started a successful lumberyard business and is now enjoying all the bounties of life.

In Hong Kong, I gave my friend another reading, this time using my Tarot cards. I told her that she has a secret and that she does not know what to do with that secret. I told her that if she opens that secret it would bring her fortune. She was confused, I, too was confused. Then, I added by saying that, that secret was a gift to her by someone close to her heart. More confused, she told me that she does not have any secret at all and that her life is an open book. So I dismissed it and told her that it may probably something that she has just forgotten for a long time.

Early in the morning the following day, my phone rings! It was she. She told me that she couldn’t sleep that night thinking about that long forgotten secret. What could that be? Alas, she remembers! When her husband came back, after his first job assignment abroad, he presented her with a box full of interesting stones. It was stones of different colors. Her husband wasn’t sure of the true value of these stones since it was just given to him as a gift by a friend he met abroad. She kept it for a long time, until her husband passed away. When she went to work in Hong Kong ten years ago, because of its sentimental value and afraid that someone would steal it, she buried the box under the ground in her backyard. Now, are these stones precious? Has it have values? Will it give her a fortune? We’ll find it out when she goes home. She’ll let us know.

These are only a couple of the many predictions I saw from the cards. I joined LivePerson only three months ago and I can share with you one interesting experience I have there. My computer rings and it was a request for a chat reading. It came from Malaysia. A young executive is on the other line. He asked me where I am and I told him that I am in Hong Kong. He said, “good to know that”. He then asked me a question that I usually don’t want to answer. He asked me, “Will I pass my exam?” “What…?”, I replied in my head. “… You mean this guy wants me to know if he will pass his exam? What if he didn’t study and the cards say “yes”, and he fails. Oh, my goodness, this is going to be the end of my career in LivePerson.” Inspite of my apprehension to answer his question, I drew three cards for him. Three upright cards which means a “yes”! So, I told him that it’s a “yes” and that he will pass his exam. Wow, I told myself, what a prediction. We’ll see then.

A few days later, he came back to me for a chat. He told me that he took a pre-test and he failed and is now a hundred percent sure that he will not be able to pass his coming exam because of its level of difficulty. He wants to back out! I told him firmly, that I have faith in my reading and that he should go for it. I then confirmed to him that he would pass.

After chatting, I quickly pulled out my cards and check if I am right. The answer was “yes” again. Still not convinced, I pulled my other set of tarot cards to reconfirm the answer. It was a clear “yes” again. Frustrated, I asked myself when is it going to say “no”. A week later, I received an email from him. He told me that he did take his exam because of my encouragement and surely he did passed! He promised that when he comes to Hong Kong, he would treat me for a grand dinner with his family. Whew!!

Sure it is, cards can tell!