Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Major Arcana - The Hierophant

by Celestian

Was there any time in your life that you feel like you cannot do what you wanted to do because you are restricted by rules? This is the situation you are surrounded with when you get the Hierophant in your cards. The Hierophant is a law maker and he seeks strict obedience to these laws including himself. To take heed upon his laws means safety in your part.

In a personal reading this card could mean that you are being restricted from doing anything other than what you have been told to do. You are expected to follow the rules and by doing this you are promised with a reward worthy of your obedience. This card also suggests going back to the basic by learning the principles taught to us by our parents and grandparents.

In a relationship reading this could mean that the courting should follow the traditional custom where the man is expected to make the first move otherwise the relationship will not work as expected.

In a spiritual sense, this card is also trying to tell us to get a counsel from our spiritual leaders, to keep heed and follow on things that we know is right for us. In counseling, this card is telling us to follow the rules if we want to reach our goals easily and bring fulfillment to our deepest and highest dreams and ambitions in life.

Search out the old books for in there you will learn wisdom.

In romance, it could mean that both you and your partner have reached a high spiritual stage where both of you are probably talking and considering marriage. There is also a possibility an announcement of marriage in your family.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Major Arcana - The Empress

by Celestian

The Empress card signifies the fulfillment of womanhood. A very successful woman who sits in her throne and is responsible of taking care all of the internal affairs of the kingdom. She sees to it that everything is being taken care of properly most especially the immediate needs of the Emperor and her children, the princes and the princesses. She is a symbol of vitality, fruition, sensuality, reproduction, and the mother earth. From her flows the the water of life for without her there would be no life on earth. She is the source of love that brings sunshine to the petals of the heart.

In a personal reading, she exemplifies a mature woman, very confident, strong in personality but full of compassion and love. When you come to visit or stay in her home she will give you all the comfort you need in order for you to have a good and peaceful rest.

In a relationship reading, she could represent a very sensual woman, highly sexual in nature, very fertile, and is willing to be a mother of your child. She is very passionate when it comes to love and beauty. She could also represent the mother of either party involved in the relationship who will try to come in between to see that everything is well with her child.

In counseling, the Empress card tells us to emulate her good qualities, to be more compassionate to the needs of others. If you are expecting to get pregnant, then this card is a good sign. This card is also telling you to use your maternal instinct to solve a particular problem most especially when dealing with children and love ones.

This is also a good time to invest on businesses dealings with land, plantation, vegetation, fruits, and anything to do with seeds and harvest. If you are a farmer this card is a signal of great harvest.

In the family, it could mean that one of your closest relatives is going to give birth to a child, possibly a girl.


When the Empress card is reversed it could mean that you are being to easy going, and having no reservation could possibly mean hindering your progress and fruition in life.