Sunday, July 4, 2010

Major Arcana - The Emperor

by Celestian

The Emperor card is a symbol of the father's supremacy at home. The Emperor is the ruler and provider of his kingdom. He implements the law expecting strict compliance from his subjects. He sees to it that things are properly under control and provides guidance and direction when needed.

On subjects about love it could possibly mean that one is over domineering the relationship while the other enjoys being the underdog role. Once one is under the influence of the Emperor then there is no way out. The only way to deal with the Emperor is to play his game. He has risen victoriously from all his battles and is very confident of himself. He has won many wars in life therefore making himself stand out from the rest. He is always prepared in all aspects of life.

On reading about home this card could mean a father figure. If a woman is pointed out to be this card then it could be that she possess a father type figure, a possible provider for the family, strong in personality, a person who wouldn't give up on anything. If this card is truly a man then all male aspect of the Emperor's strong personality applies to him.

On reading about work, then this card could represent your boss or someone who is trying to play the leading role among the team. He knows what he's doing, reliable in all corners of the project, and could possibly bring the whole thing to success. You can rely on him or her by following his or her order of which will be very beneficial for the whole group.

The only thing that you need to watch out about the Emperor is when you disobey his rules. You will most probably suffer hard on the consequences that comes along with it.

If this card pertains to your personality then it could mean that you posses the Emperor's supernal quality and you have to display this personality far and beyond if you really want everything to move according to how you want things to work out for you.