Saturday, May 30, 2009

Major Arcana - The High Priestess

by Celestian

The High Priestess comes as number 2 in the Tarot deck of cards. This is the card of intuition. When we get a High Priestess card in a reading it indicates that we have to take heed or to pay extra attention to what our intuition and dreams are telling us. There are secrets that we needed to know and something or someone is holding it back or away from us.

If this card represents a person, then, it could mean that this particular person is very feminine in nature and very secretive. It can also indicate the feminine side of our personality. In romance, it could indicate a secret lover, or that the person you are in love with is quite conservative in nature and that it can be very difficult to attain what you commonly would expect in a romantic relationship. He or she can be very independent and reclusive in his or her own way.

In personal evaluation reading it could mean that you need to take time in rediscovering your spiritual side of life. You have to do some inner work in seeking wisdom which could include meditation, devotion, and listening to the voice of our intuition. We are also encouraged to take some form of spiritual discipline within ourselves.

If you have approached the Tarot on starting new ventures or getting involved in a relationship, or making an important choice in life, then, the High Priestess advises delay, for there is an indication that you may still have to work more on your inner changes and growth.


When you picked a reveresed High Priestess card it could mean that you are being too pre-occupied with your inner self. It is trying to suggest that you have to turn yourself again to the outer world and be one with nature.

It could also indicate that there are hidden things behind masks. There are more things that you should know and understand behind facades and superficial appearances of the situation. Be aware and be ready to take time to unravel the mysteries. There are hidden repressed feelings and emotions that may have been put aside due their hurtful or damaging nature, but which needs to be addressed to allow healing process to begin.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Major Arcana - The Magician

by Celestian

Now, here we are with the Magician card.

When we look at the Magician card we are always reminded of that guy in the circus or carnivals performing magic tricks. What seems natural for them looks fascinating to us. It looks like that he can just do anything by the the wave of his wand.

Our Tarot Magician is exactly like that for he holds all the powers in his hands. He has all the elements necessary to make impossible things happen. Looking at this card you will see that he's got the power of the wands, the cups, the swords, and the pentacles all in front of him. He just have to pick one or a couple of them in order to make things happen for him.

When we get this card, it indicates that we have certainly the power of all of the elements in our hands at the moment to make things possible for us. We just have to pick things up and make use of it. Magicians are good communicators. They can convince you to believe the unreal to be real. In that sense, this card could also mean that you are a powerful communicator and that you can easily convince anyone to believe whatever you are saying whether it's true or not. You have to use this talent to win whatever situation you are in.

In matters of love and relationship, it could indicate that your significant other is just trying to sell himself to you and that you need to be extra careful in believing all that he's telling you. This card could also mean that communication is the key to the success of this relationship. This card could also mean that you have all the powers and means in your hands to make your relationship come into a reality. You have all the passion and drive to make things work for both of you, which means that the ball is in your hand. You hold the responsibility to make things work for good.

In a situation, this could indicate that someone is trying to play a trick on you, so you have to pay extra careful in dealing with this people, most especially to those ones whom you have already put your trust on. In career readings, this card could mean that you are a jack-of-all-trades. You hold the power to make your career work for you leading towards your success. It could also mean that you'll best fit as a salesperson, a representative, or on any job that requires communication skill.


When you picked up a reversed Magician card, it indicates that you are not using your power to its greatest potential. This could also mean that something is trying to destruct you from your concentration on that given situation. Something is blocking you to reach your highest potential. You need to address this matter as soon as possible or you'll get stuck in a rut.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Major Arcana - The Fool

by Celestian

In this series, I am going to share with you my very own interpretation of the Tarot cards. I would like to start with the major arcanas of which has a total number of 22 cards, starting from the Fool to the World card.

So each week, I hope that I can give you a little bit more to your own understanding of the cards. If you wish to add anything more to my interpretations, please feel free to add your own as a reply to this post.

Now, here we go. When you pick the Fool card it is a sign that you are starting on a journey of a lifetime. You are packing your bags that contains your past and heading to somewhere you may not have been before. There is a sense of high spirit and hope even though you are not very certain of what will come next along your journey.

You are making a decision based on urge and positive thinking. You are like a child who one day just suddenly ventures out without even thinking whether you'll still find your way home. On your journey you will find many wonders, you will climb many mountains, and it will not be an easy one. There will be lots of humps and bumps along the way, but all of these will bring you beautiful experiences in life. From this journey you will be able to learn many things, good and bad, happy and sad, light and gloomy. Whatever it is, one thing for certain is that you'll enjoy the most part of it.

And don't ever forget that during your journey, you will find many who in your past loves and cares for you who will help, lead, and guide you along the way. If you listen to their counsels, you will never lost your way to your destination. Continually seek guidance and direction and you will reach what you wanted to reach in your journey.

This is a go-ahead card. So, in relationship reading, and if you have a love prospect, this card is telling you to go ahead even though you are not so sure about this person, for if you are careful enough things will turn out positive. If this card represents an individual, that person is cheerful, spontaneous, refreshingly optimistic, and lighthearted. This person is also enjoyable to be with, and there is no dull moment being with him.

If this card represents a situation, then it means that the energy is high, you are feeling a little bit nervous but still you want to go for it.


When reversed, this card could mean that you are being cautious of your plans and decisions. You are being paranoid and has fear of the unknown. You often worry a lot of things that you shouldn't be actually worrying about. In relationships, this kind of person may be difficult to pin down to commitments or comfort threatens him or her freedom.

In situations, this card is trying to warn you against taking any big risks for the stakes are too high to be wasted on a whimsical urge. So, just be a little bit cautious.